Specialty Products

Raw Cuts

Size Portion Breast Fillets

packed 20lbs or 40lbs

Airline Breast

Peg Wing Breast

Semi Boneless Whole Birds

Knuckle Off Drumsticks

Frenched Drumsticks

6pc, 8pc, 10pc Cut up Wogs

98% Fat Free Trimmed Breast

1x1 Cubed Breast Meat

Sized Tenders

Split Tenders

Marinated Breast or Tenders

About PCF

Our mission is to “change the way food is made. We strive to deliver unique products, clean labels and most importantly, quality and efficiency you can count on. With a processing facility, boasting over 42,000 square feet, the staff at PCF works diligently to meet customers’ needs through a customized approach tailored to your specific requirements. Specializing in portion sized chicken breasts, sized tenders, specialty cuts, marinated breasts and unique ready to cook appetizers, entrees and side dishes. We utilize Modified Atmosphere Packaging to keep the products fresh for as long as possible. Want private label? We can do that too. The Staff at PCF has well over 100 years of experience in the food business. You can have confidence that we will produce the Best Quality product! Our business is to Help you Keep Your Customers Satisfied and Happy Premier Custom Foods is Changing the Way Food is Made.

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